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Small Tray feeds 8-10 - $55

Large Tray feeds 18-22 - $100

(items individually priced must have minimum of 8 ordered per item)


Entire menu: minimum $100 combined order unless ordering from one of our special menus!


Vegan & Vegetarian Appetizers

Stuffed Mushrooms – Spinach & Sundried Tomato OR Goat Cheese Stuffing (Vegan/Vegetarian)

Veggie Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce (Vegetarian)

Herbed Cream Cheese Stuffed Peppers (Vegetarian)

Baked Brie Tarts with Seasonal Jam (Vegetarian)

Caprese Kebabs (Vegetarian)

Almond Crusted Goat Cheese Bites with Honey and Seasonal Jam (Vegetarian)

Everything Bagel Goat Cheese Bites on Bagel Toasts (Vegetarian)

Tomato/Asparagus Ricotta Tarts (Vegetarian)

Watermelon, Feta, Basil Skewers (Vegetarian - Seasonal)

Poached Pear Bites with Whipped Blue Cheese & Pecan Dust (Vegetarian)

Blue Cheese, Fig, Caramelized Onion Flatbread (Vegetarian)

Mac N Cheese Cups (Vegetarian) - $4 each

Marinated Tomato Salad Cups with Fresh Mozzarella (Vegetarian) - $5 each

Sesame Noodles Mini Boxes (Vegan) - $4 each

Salad Cups (Caesar, Kale Caesar, Pasta, or Seasonal Salad) - $4 each

Mac n Cheese Donuts - $4 each

Vegan Ceviche Cups - $4 each

Crudites Cups - $4 each


Meat Appetizers

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

Kielbasa – BBQ or Hawaiian Teriyaki 

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Meatballs – Italian, Swedish, Hawaiian, BBQ or Asian 

Pigs in a Blanket

Chicken Wings – buffalo, sweet apricot, or BBQ

Bacon Wrapped Roasted Potatoes with Chive Dipping Sauce 

Beer Brat Slices served with Apricot Mustard & Caramelized Onions

Antipasto Skewers

Mini Corn Dogs

Candied Bacon Skewers

Prosciutto/Melon Skewers

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Balsamic Beef Sticks with Garlic Aioli

Fancy Pigs in a Blanket - Italian Sausage Wrapped in Puff Pastry & Everything Bagel Seasoning

 Bites - Phyllo Cup with Garlic Aioli, Tomato Jam, Candied Bacon

Roast Beef Crostini with Apricot Onion Jam & Horseradish Sauce

Chicken n Waffle Bites with Maple Cream

Orange OR Lemon Rosemary Chicken Skewers

PBLT – Mini BLT with Roasted Pineapple & Spicy Mayo - $4.50 each

Charcuterie Cones - $8 each 

Short Rib Pop Tarts with Gorgonzola Cream Frosting - $8 each

Sliders (beef, veggie, etc) - $6/ person (2 pieces per person)


Seafood Appetizers 

Small Tray feeds 8-10 - $60

Large Tray feeds 18-22 - $110

(items individually priced must have minimum of 8 ordered per item)

Coconut Shrimp with Sweet Chili Sauce

Smoked Salmon Canapes

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Pork Rind Dust

Grilled Mango Salsa Shrimp Skewers

Crab Dip Bites

Shrimp & Grits Cakes Bites

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs with Caviar

Mini Crab Cakes with Lemon Aioli

Full Size Crab Cakes - $7 each

Jumbo Stuffed Clams - $5 each

Bacon Wrapped Scallops - $4 each

Caviar Cones - $5 each

Lox Macarons - $4.50 each

Caviar & Smoked Salmon Blinis - $4 each

Surf & Turf Kebabs - $8 each

Mini Lobster Rolls (MP)

Raw Bar (MP)



Crudités Platter … $60/$130 (Vegan/Vegetarian)

Bruschetta Platter … $55/$120 (Vegetarian)

Grilled Chilled Veggie Platter … $60/$110 (Vegan)

Hummus Platter … $60/$110 (Vegan)

Berries, Grapes, Madeleines, and Mascarpone Platter … $55/$120 (Vegetarian)

Cheese & Crackers Platter … $70/$130 (Vegetarian)

Caprese Tortellini Platter … $55/$115 (Vegetarian)

Grilled Peach & Burrata Platter (Seasonal) … $60/$110

Charcuterie Platter … $70/$130

Antipasto Platter … $70/$130

Wine Pairings Platter (small platter feeds 6-10, split into sections containing cheeses, nuts, chocolates, meats, etc. that pair with red, white, prosecco; wines additional)… $70 ($140 with wines)

Large Scale Charcuterie Grazing Table… $12/person, minimum $400


See something on our social pages you don’t see here? Ask about customized menus! Didn’t see what you were looking for? Want to discuss more options? We’d love to chat! 

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